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MICE is an acronym that stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. It makes up a big part of global business travel since every industry has regular events of some kind. The main goal here is always to bring professionals together, foster connections, promote new ideas, and push growth. 


Meetings are usually a single-day event held in hotel conference rooms or at convention centres. They can vary in size from only a small group of senior executives to larger gatherings like annual shareholder meetings.  The purpose is to bring together people from one company, industry, or project to address challenges, discuss plans, and set goals. Catering is often kept simple and there’s rarely an entertainment program.



Incentives are probably the most fun part of the MICE segment. They include all types of travel rewards a company offers to individual staff, teams, or partners (e.g. affiliates). In this context, the goal of an incentive is to thank people for their great performance, boost morale, or increase employee loyalty.  Incentives can take different forms depending on the company organising them. Some may send their team for an all-inclusive weekend trip to an out-of-town resort. Others might plan a variety of activities closer to home to encourage staff to bond in an informal setting.



Think of conferences as supersized meetings. They often last more than one day and can vary in size, but usually they have more attendees than meetings. As with incentives, conferences can look very different depending on the organisers and the industry behind them.



Also referred to as trade shows, exhibitions are usually massive events that draw thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world. They can last anywhere from several days to a week. Exhibitions are usually very industry-specific and have a well-defined target market. Exhibitors go to trade shows to present and promote their product or service, drive business, and liaise with existing and potential partners.


Destination Weddings

Destination wedding is a wedding (planned in advance) in a foreign country, usually at a high-end resort, where the couple, the wedding party and their guests stay for about a week, and where all activities related to that wedding take place. Destination weddings are ceremonies that are hosted away from the couple’s hometown and usually require travel for the wedding party and guests. Destination weddings are usually more fun and are usually more intimate. They include only a few close relatives and friends to celebrate your wedding. A Destination wedding is conducted far away from your home in a beautiful scenic location.


An event is a planned social gathering or an occasion that is organized by any individual or a group of people to celebrate any particular happening or for the purpose of cherishing that moment with others. There are mostly four types of events.


0. Leisure Events

As the name suggests, these events are held purely for fun or for the purpose of spending leisure moments. There include Pool Party, Entertainment Events, Musical Nights and Bonfire.


1. Cultural Events

Events that are organized to celebrate cultural heritage and traditions are known as cultural events. These are high community involvement events. These include Holi Moo, Goa Carnival, Diwali Fair and Navratri Nights.


2. Organizational Events

These are the events that tend to be well organized and have a specific agenda and interests that are commercial, sales-driven, political, etc. A specific group of people from a particular organization mainly plan these types of events to create awareness about their commercial values in tangible or intangible terms. These include Political Events, Product Launch, Fundraising Events, Corporate Events and Educational Events.


3. Personal Events

Events that are held on every personal level for family and friends are known as personal events. These kinds of events are mainly organized to celebrate and cherish a personal occasion with the known peoples. These include Birthday Party, Wedding Events, Baby Shower, Anniversary etc.


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