Ultra Luxury Holidays

Ultra Luxary Holidays

Luxury travel is associated with exclusive and unique experiences, as well as more personalized services. When making a purchase, high level travellers first choose the destination and then the on-site service, preferably exclusive boutique hotels followed by international hotels. From the softest sandy beaches to the most beautiful sunsets, bluest waters and stunning scenery, location and experience is a vital part of any luxury holiday. We’ve got everything from unique tree house properties submerged amid lush woodlands, to 5-star private water bungalows and dramatic glass-bottom sky pools that jut over a cliff edge and overlook the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the finer things of life with our ultra-luxury experience holidays!

  • Wild life Safaris

    Wildlife tourism, in its simplest sense, is interacting with wild animals in their natural habitat, either by actively or passively. There are various types of safari experiences, ranging from guided safaris, walking safaris, jeep safaris and fly-in safaris to more specialized types, among them elephant safaris, camel safaris, horse safaris, river safaris, balloon safaris, photographic safaris and accessible safaris for the disabled. Some of the top countries for wild life safaris include Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many more.

  • Desert Camps

    In the desert camps, we offer all the world class amenities like well-designed luxury tents, restaurants where you can have the chance to enjoy sumptuous cuisine. Moreover, it also offers traditional music and dance programs and camel and jeep safaris. Deserts can be majestic, powerful places to visit with a host of wide range of fascinating plants and animals.. We organize desert camps and safaris in African countries, Middle East and in India.

  • Heritage Holidays

    Discover a country’s cultural highlights and historic places that you should not miss on a tailor-made heritage holiday. It could be walking through the Angkor in Cambodia, uncovering the secrets of the Incas of Machu Pichu and its sister site or discovering the mystical heritage sites in India. Also, can explore the ancient civilizations of Italy, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

  • Luxury Villas

    Villa living spells freedom and privacy, where family and friends can socialise and relax together, with everyone's tastes catered for perfectly by experienced housekeepers, cooks and butlers. Choose an inland retreat, a beachfront sanctuary, a hilltop hideaway or a residence just steps away from a championship golf course. We offer some of the most exclusive and private villas in the world with a facilities like private pool, Jacuzzi and barbeque.

  • Special Holidays

    Whether you’re planning your engagement holidays, anniversary holidays, birthday holidays or retirement holidays, we know that your aim is always the same: perfection. With a variety of tailor-made holidays available, incorporating stunning white sand beaches, exciting cultural excursions and fine wine tasting, your special occasion getaway will be just that. To find your ideal location, our Travel Specialists have created a handpicked collection of the most incredible special occasion holiday ideas, ready to be tailored to your personal preferences.

  • Yacht Holidays

    Picture yourself standing on the bow of your luxurious yacht, bathed in warm sunshine, cool drink in hand, gazing out over the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea or the Mediterranean to distant shores just waiting to be discovered. At Allure Trails, we can create this very scene, with a yacht that’s chosen specifically to match your requirements and chartered for the week (or longer) exclusively for your use.

  • Wine Tours

    Allure Trails creates hand-crafted wine tours and wine experiences for discerning travellers. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, wine connoisseur, or a complete beginner developing a newfound love for wine, our tours are unique escapes that combine great wine, gourmet and regional cuisine, and culture.

  • Caravan Holidays

    Caravans are a unique tourism product, which promotes family-oriented tours even in circuits / destinations, which are not having adequate hotel accommodation. The specially built vehicles being used for the purpose of travel, leisure and accommodation would be termed as 'Caravan'. We offer caravans for holidays in India and abroad.

  • Adventure Holidays

    Adventure travel is a type of niche tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk (real or perceived), and which may require special skills and physical exertion. Many travellers seek out-of-the-ordinary or "roads less travelled" vacations. We provide adventure tours in India and abroad.

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