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Bali – Island of the Gods

Also known as the Land of the Gods, destination Bali is a luscious green paradise, a food lover’s dream, a romantic escape and the ultimate destination for a fun trip with friends. Its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes, lush greenery and spectacular flowing waterfalls make Bali travel a must on any adventurer’s bucket list. If you’re thinking of booking your next Bali holiday, it is important to do your research and plan ahead to ensure your trip is a memorable one.
Choosing the location for your Bali holiday is perhaps the most important factor that will determine the enjoyment of your stay. Every destination and tourist attraction in Bali is unique and each appeal to a different audience depending on their interests. If you’re drawn to experiencing authentic Balinese culture then Ubud, located in the centre of the island, is home to a vibrant arts scene, Balinese dancing, lush rice fields and extravagant temples.
With thousands of accommodation options to choose from, Bali has something to suit everyone. Visiting top tour operator’s sites like www.alluretrails.comand blogs will provide you with reviews and customers’ feedback about Bali hotels and resorts.

Unless you love the rain, visiting Bali during the dry season is a must. From April to September, you are likely to experience sunnier, tropical weather which will enable you to get out and explore! With such warm and humid conditions, it is important to pack clothing that is light and breathable. If you plan on visiting one of the island’s sacred temples it is local custom to ensure your knees and shoulders are covered. Sarong rentals are available at most sacred sites however we recommend packing some long sleeve shirts and pants to ensure you don’t miss out.
Most importantly don’t be in a hurry to chase around tour groups or race around the bustling main streets looking for landmarks. Relax, take a Balinese yoga class and Bali Spa to give your body the rest it deserves. Perhaps a massage is enough to convince you! There are many traditional Balinese massages centres using local techniques that have been practiced for centuries by members of the community. The perfect remedy for those long-haul flights, a Balinese massage will help you relax and rid all the tightness and stress from your body.
Enigmatic Bali is the proverbial jewel in the crown of Indonesian tourism. The Hindu enclave has long entranced foreigners, from artists and writers in the 19th century through to surfers in the 20th century and these days, well, pretty much everyone from budget-conscious backpackers through to well-heeled luxury travellers from around the world come to Bali.
Covered with stunning sceneries, the tropical destination of Bali is quite truly a paradise on Earth. Highlighted by its surreal beaches , vibrant culture, ancient temples , and kind people, Bali is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.
Going to Bali feels like going on a never-ending adventure–there is an activity to suit every soul! Bali is a popular destination for many people around the world and it’s easy to see why. From its unending idyllic beaches, captivating spiritual energy, terraced rice fields, and exotic sunsets, there is so much to see and experience on this magnificent island paradise!
Over the years, the grace and charm of Bali and its people have earned this tiny Indonesian island numerous sobriquets of praise and homage including Island of the Gods, The Last Paradise, Land of a Thousand Temples, and Morning of the World.

Culture of Bali

The Balinese people follow a form of Hinduism known as Agama Hindu Dharma. Balinese culture and traditions religion impacts almost every aspect of life on the island and draws people to Bali to see and experience it. An important belief of Balinese Hinduism is that elements of mother nature are influenced by spirit. Balinese Hinduists believe in a power of nature; they believe that each element is influenced by spirits. Spirits and ancestors are very highly appreciated, that’s why you see people making the rituals and offerings every day.

What is special about Bali

Bali is famed for its world-class relaxing massages and ancient healing therapies. Head straight to Bali to get the most soothing spa experience. Balinese spa and wellness treatments are very popular with tourists around the world. Balinese massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. Traditional Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body, and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation. Shiatsu massage is best for people who want to feel relaxed and relieve stress, pain, and tension. It’s a Japanese type of massage that: promotes emotional and physical calm and relaxation. helps relieve pain.

Things To Do In Bali

There’s something in Bali for every kind of traveller. Adventure lovers will have access to all kinds of hikes and scenery, with waterfalls, jungles, cliffs, volcanoes, and more. You can do rafting, ATVs, jet skiing, hot air balloons, and scenic helicopter flights.
If you’re the more laid back type, Bali has beaches, clubs, markets, temples, and rice terraces for you, along with an endless supply of good restaurants and massages. The local food is amazing, and you can also find lots of western food as well.Wildlife can be seen at places like the Ubud Monkey Forest, the Mason Elephant Park, Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, Bali Butterfly Park, Bali Sea Turtle Society, and West Bali National Park. You can also go snorkelling or scuba diving and see all kinds of colourful fish and coral. You can find a wide variety of nice handmade crafts in Bali like wood carvings, paintings, and rattan bags, and Bali is also known for coffee beans, spices, oils, lace, ceramics, and silverworks.

Bali Waterfalls

Bali has dozens of nice waterfalls to see in every corner of the island, and many of them are easy to reach from popular areas like Ubud.Some of the best waterfall hikes in Bali are well known tourist spots, while others are hidden gems with no people. North Bali has many of the biggest waterfalls on the island. The most famous waterfall in Bali is Tegenungan Waterfall, but it’s not really the greatest. Two of our favourites are Sekumpul Waterfall and Banyumala Waterfall.

Bali Beaches

In spite of what some people might say, Bali does have great beaches, but the really amazing ones are waiting in remote corners of the island, or hiding at the bottom of rocky cliffs, so you have to track them down and find them with some effort, but that’s all part of the fun. The majority of Bali’s most spectacular beaches are in the Uluwatu area or on Nusa Penida, a small island that’s considered part of Bali and can be reached pretty easily on your own or even on a day trip.

Bali Temples

In contrast to most of Indonesia, which is generally Muslim, Bali is a Hindu-majority Island.There are dozens of old Hindu temples to explore in Bali, and most of them are open to tourists as long as you’re respectful. The architecture and history behind some of these is pretty neat, so it’s a good idea to see at least a couple of them on your trip to Bali. In my opinion, the most interesting temples are in Ubud and the surrounding area.

Nusa Penida Island

The beautiful, exotic island of Nusa Penida lies just 25 kilometers from Bali. This is a much smaller island than Bali, but it has some of the most amazing scenery in the entire Bali province. The island can be visited on a day trip from Bali (same day return), but I think it’s better to stay and spend at least a few days sightseeing. There are so many good photo spots, hikes, and other things to do in Nusa Penida!

Where to go in Bali

Tourism in Bali is divided into a handful of main areas, each with their own vibe and personality:
Kuta. The center of noisy mass tourism and overdevelopment. You won’t find peace and quiet here, but it’s a popular place for shopping and nightlife.
• Kuta. The center of noisy mass tourism and overdevelopment. You won’t find peace and quiet here, but it’s a popular place for shopping and nightlife.
• Canggu. The popular new hangout for young people and digital nomads. Canggu is known for surfing and all kinds of hip cafes and beach bars.
• Seminyak. One of the most expensive areas of Bali. It’s a west-facing beach area with nice sunsets, luxury hotels, villas, and spas, as well as high-end shopping and restaurants.
• Ubud. The main cultural center and heart of the island. Ubud is full of interesting markets, palaces, jungles, and temples to see, and of course lots of great cafes, restaurants and comfy luxury hotels.
• Sanur. A more laidback beachside town, which is known for being one of the most quiet and family friendly areas of Bali. Great sunrises.
• Uluwatu. A scenic, hilly area in the southwest corner of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. It’s named for a famous temple perched on the cliffs. This area is known for its blue waves, white sand beaches, impressive sea cliffs, quality surfing, and fancy beach clubs.
• Nusa Dua. A family friendly resort area in the far southeast corner of Bali. This area is known for fancy hotels and nice white sand beaches.


Top Hotels and resorts in Bali

Bali is known for its hotel industry, with lots of comfortable accommodation to fit every budget, mid-range to luxury travellers. Most tourists stay in the Kuta area for nightlife and shopping, Ubud for cultural sights and rice terraces, Canggu for hip cafes, and Uluwatu for beaches and surfing, while the Sanur area is known for being quiet and family friendly. Here are some hotel recommendations for your first trip to Bali:

• Ayana Resort
• St. Regis
• The Ritz – Carlton
• The Cayon Jungle Resort
• Bulgari Resort
• Hanging Gardens
• Alila Resort
• Amankila
• Ayala Resort

Best time to Go

The best time to visit Bali is during the island’s dry season. From May to October, you won’t have to worry about rain ruining any outdoor activities, and humidity levels are low all summer. The only downside is that it’s the most popular time to go. Flights are more expensive during this period, and you’ll need to book your first-choice hotel in advance. If you don’t mind the short rainstorms, visit Bali between November and April. There’s still plenty of things to do, and it’s the cheapest time to go!

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